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places to visit in kathmandu for couples

Become absorbed by Asian culture with a memorable trip to Nepal’s exciting capital.
  Kathmandu is awash with smells, sights and sounds that keep excitement levels at a maximum. Narrow, intertwining streets make way for streams of loud, pushy traffic. Dusty dirt tracks, pot-holed pavements and smells of fragrant spices hit you as you ride down the busy corridors of Nepal’s fervent capital.  
  Anyone who has experienced Kathmandu first hand will happily regale you with stories of how welcoming and friendly Nepalese people are, and how special this capital city is.
  From the main airport, jump into a taxi and head straight for the bustling district of Thamel; the commercial heart of the city. This vibrant, noisy district is filled with motorcyclists and cars striving to get ahead of each other, and they are not shy to use their horns. Getting around Kathmandu is best done by foot. You can browse as you pass by numerous shops selling trekking gear, warm clothing and camping goods. For a more laid-back journey, however, you could step aboard a rickshaw peddled by a local tradesman who’ll wind you through the streets towards your next destination.
  If all this gets too much, take a stroll into the neo-classical historical Garden of Dreams, situated on the outskirts of Thamel. This is where you can escape from the noise and commotion of the centre in a relaxing outdoor setting.
  When you’re not planning for the next big adventure into the mountains, explore the plethora of stupas, monasteries and religious temples adorning Kathmandu’s streets. Gain a stronger insight into how numerous religions (predominantly Buddhism and Hinduism) live in harmony and run deep through the veins of the people and their city. Head out on a tour around the ancient royal complex of Durbar Square to witness grand palaces and their courtyards; or walk the many steps to Swayambhunath temple, also known as the ‘monkey temple’, for spectacular views over the city’s rooftops. Take a trip up to the impressive World Heritage Site of Boudhanath stupa and spin prayer wheels as you pass on by. Enjoy hole-in-the-wall restaurants serving up local dishes such as dal bhat, a lentilbased rice meal, as well as spectacularly spiced curries cooked in plain sight in open ovens.
  For those looking to explore further afield, Kathmandu makes for a great starting base. Treat your city break as a stepping stone into the Himalayan mountain range. You could end up exploring routes up to Everest Base Camp, or deeper into the Annapurna mountain range for a longer excursion into the snowy wilderness. Tours take off from Tribhuvan International Airport, flying via Lukla to Base Camp, and can last up to two weeks. Planning well ahead of time is essential so as not to lose your spot. Coaches operate from Kathmandu to Pokhara for excursions into the Annapurna Circuit. Alternatively, book a tour down to Chitwan National Park to enjoy a range of activities such as canoeing, rhino and tiger spotting, as well as elephant riding before heading back to the busy streets of Kathmandu.